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aishi-shi:  I’ve never laughed so hard in my life

it's because the government did not fill those holes with more cement, despite how many times Tyler told them to. And yes, Tyler Joseph is an Uber Driver!

Work Hair Tutorial | The Internship Beauty Rules You Need to Know |

Creative Style: Top 100 easy hairstyles for all hair lengths short hair photos What a effortless easy updo for the weekend, day or night♀️. And it won't get ruined by a chunky scarf! You know the Winter vs Hair problems.

Chipped nail-polish is a big no-no.

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Cute Braided Bun Hairstyles

When it comes to styling hair, you simply cannot go wrong with braids. Whether your hair is long and thick or medium length and thin, whether its summer or winter, braids are perfect for any time and situation. Need something fancy? Adorn your braid with

View. A modern rooftop terrace features a custom trellis and an outdoor fireplace.Lovely, don't you think?

Modern Outdoor Space by De la Torre Design Studio and Cooper, Robertson & Partners in New York, New York Edward Siegel created the trellis and fireplace for the rooftop terrace, above the master bedroom of a Manhattan apartment