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It's weird because I understand some people may not see this as art. But for me in my perspective it is, the flow of the dress and her hair makes the picture tell a story. Maybe she's running away from something?


The Holy Spirit’s presence is always there. Some days, much like the wind, it may be fierce and urgent… while on other days, it may be light and gentle. You cannot see the wind, but you can feel it – just like the way the Holy Spirit acts in our lives.

"Jessica was waiting for Jerome who was unusually late for their regular rendezvous in Bryant Park. She was starting to feel uncomfortable sitting there alone so she decided to head home. She lived one block away with her mother in a tiny one bedroom flat. Her mother would be headed home from her shift soon, and Jessica needed to beat her home. She was comforted when she saw the police officer walking towards her.."

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