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The power of contouring makeup @Jenn L Milsaps L Milsaps L Walcher - I believe I sense a makeup experiment coming on.

GROSS I will never understand woman who contour their faces! If you need to contour your face to hide things or change your apparentce that much.then you ugly Lmao. it's SO MUCH MAKEUP! false advertising much?

Tshirt to tank top

DIY workout tank- use actual fabric scissors otherwise none of your cuts will come out straight and beware this will resize your shirt making it smaller. A medium will fit like a small, a large like a medium, etc.

Rainbow Bread

Rainbow Bread -Can you imagine how much fun kids would have if they took sandwhiches to school for lunch on this?


Chanel handbag was carved from an 8 inch square cake. Christian Louboutin shoe made of icing. Get Chanel designer merchandise at wholesale