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Choosing the nail polish you want for your nails can sometimes be confusing. There are many wonderful nail colors out in the market that you don’t really know where to start. To make it easier for yourself, you should establish certain guidelines on choosing the color of your nail polish. Some people choose because of

The great thing with using false nails is that these are easy to shape and design. To recreate this look with false nails, you can simply add clear nail polish for the shine and then some diamonds for a crescent moon design. Glitters would also greatly im

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I noticed the dye from the red flower nail on my pinky stained my actual nail after the polish chipped off, which is a great reason not to apply them directly

Nail design

Love, love these super cute snow flake nails! love the red and white cant wait to start trying out Christmas decorations on my nails and toe nails! i always wait till December at least!