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Scene hair
Matching sugar skull tattoos
Sailor Moon - tuto piece de poitrine by Sweet-Empathy.deviantart.com on @deviantART (Note to self: show to sister)
Cosplay - Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon cosplay accessory set (anime version)
Sailor Moon cosplay and costume patterns in Cosmode, March 2014 | Wild Mushroomland
Character: Sailor Moon (Princess Serenity, aka Usagi Tsukino) / From: 'Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon' Manga & 'Sailor Moon' Anime Series / Cosplayer: Juliana Tsukino (aka Lollipop Bunnie, aka JuTsukinoOfficial)
Wow. This is the best Raven cosplay I have ever seen. She's more of the comic book style but this looks so good!
Black. ♥ Love the peircings and the Bandana.
I love her hair cut. I really wish I didn't have thick hair sometimes so I could pull off something like this