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Blood Donation Chart, When Giving Is Your Best Medicine

Blood donation is two-way rewarding, for it's a life saver for the recipient and for yourself alike. Find out more on this blood donation chart.

Blood Donation Myths - check out for more information

One of the hardest things for me when diagnosed with Lupus was removing myself from the Bone Marrow Donor list; it hurt my heart so much. If you can be a bone marrow donor or even a blood donor.

Summer Maxi ❤️️️️️️️️️️️️️Pinterest: @Mrs Kizzy

This summer maxi oozes summer sexiness with pure femininity! The pattern floral radiates a summer vibe and the spilt up to the thigh makes for extra allure, plus show off those beautifully bronzed legs! Vanity Vault x

La Vie Bohemeॐ

Gigi Hadid's Plunging Neck Satin top, Black pants & a choker. Generally I think chokers are trashy. This one looks good because it's stylized with a plunging V and not super tight.

Mod@ en Line@

The Glamorous Most Valiant Rust Red Maxi Dress takes sweeping maxi dresses to a whole new level! A relaxed bodice has a V neckline, and short kimono sleeves.