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an artisticly designed fountain in the middle of a street with buildings in the background
Fuck Yeah Balkans
Unification Boulevard in Bucharest, Romania. It ends at the Palace of the Parliament, the biggest building of Europe, a ‘gift’ from Ceausescu. A lot of historical buildings made way for this boulevard. It’s the communist version of the Champs-Élysées (in Paris).
an old building with a clock on the front and side of it in winter time
TOP 10 Fairytale Castles in Europe
Peles Castle, Romania part of the TOP 10 Fairy-Tale Castles in Europe - So many winters, so many wars those castles have seen, but they are still there for us to see. - Dragan
two people walking down the street in front of buildings with colorful trees on the hill behind them
Travelling - Braşov in Transylvania, Romania
the water is blue and there are many rocks in it that look like they have been carved out of ice
8 Wonderful Terraced Pools Around the World
there are many different pictures with the words 25 of the most popular destinations on it
25 of the World's Top Travel Destinations
25 of the World's Most Popular Travel Destinations - try to find or avoid?
a very unusual house made out of plants and water spouting from the roof
magic mountain hotel in chile!
a person riding a bike down a path in the middle of a bamboo tree forest
How green and energizing! Take in the sights of The Bamboo Forest at Arishiyama - Kyoto, Japan. #TravelThursday #Travel #Destinations