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At YAO Beauty, we use the OSEA skincare line that is full of wonderful ingredients, including antioxidants. You can also add antioxidants to your diet with these yummy and healthy foods!


This is so true that on the nights it isn't raining, I sleep to the sound of artificial rain. though it simply can not compare to the real thing. The best thing to fall asleep to is the sound of a raging thunderstorm.


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My wish too

I love this song, but never thought of framing its lyrics. This would be fantastic in the kids' well as "I hope you dance" lyrics in the littles' room. Must search for love letters to frame for them via songs.

good idea

I believe this is true also Great quote What will you do to make today ridiculously amazing? from Inspiration Station's Inspiring Quo.


I spent my entire childhood wishing that I was older. Now I'm older and this shit sucks.

they sure do :o)

Girls with curly hair rock! Mine is straight but I love naturally curly hair on girls AND boys.

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Motivation Monday: Your motivational quote for today is: If you've been waiting for a sign. HERE IT IS! The time is now. Here is your virtual PUSH!

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