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What libraries used to look like in Toronto

As part of an ongoing series on what the Toronto of the past looked like, I've had occasion to post galleries of grocery stores, gas stations, shop.

Pss Marie of Romania with a lady in waiting (?) both in typical romanian folk dresses

An Englishwoman in Romania: Queen Marie of Romania (born in Kent and christened Princess Marie Alexandra Victoria of Edinburgh) on the right. She was famous for her beauty as well as an extraordinary collection of jewels.

Amazing picture of a cone hermit crab (Pylopagurus discoidalis) hitching a ride on a sea cucumber!

A specimen of Pylopagurus discoidalis (A. Milne-Edwards, perhaps playing “cowboy” while riding on top of a sea cucumber Holothuria (Vaneyothuria) lentiginosa enodis Miller & Pawson [Photo courtesy of Barry Brown]

A specie of hermit crab known as Pylopagurus discoidalis, from the Caribbean,  photographed in an aquarium. “These are the first pictures of the live animals ever taken,” said Rafael Lemaitre, a research zoologist at the Smithsonian Institute’s National Museum of Natural History.

By Douglas MainOurAmazingPlanet A recent submarine dive turned up a species of hermit crab that was previously only known through dead, dried specimens procured more than a century ago. The sub collected a few of the animals, known as Pylopagurus disc

Queen Elisaveta of Romania also known as Carmen Sylva and nee Pss of Wied. 1870s.

Queen Elisaveta of Romania also known as Carmen Sylva, née Princess of Wied was the Queen consort of Romania as the wife of King Carol I of Romania. widely known by her literary name of Carmen Sylva.