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a drawing of a woman with long brown hair and bangs, wearing an orange sweater
Sara Faber 🌾 (@sarafaber_) · Instagram 照片和视频
a drawing of a woman with long white hair
HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY! 💃🏼✨💖 This is a quick speedy illustration I made this morning to celebrate our day! 🙌🏼 Have a good one,…
an animated doll sitting in the middle of a tunnel with blue and purple swirls
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a drawing of a girl with grey hair and blue eyes looking up at the sky
a drawing of a woman with red hair
Little messy sketch thing. Maybe a new character? I should really do some studies some time soon 😥 #drawing #doodle #art #oc…
a drawing of a woman's face with curly hair and big eyes, wearing a topknot
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