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two anime characters one with red hair and the other with green eyes, both staring at each
Zodiac Sign: Anime/KPOP/Random - Anime: The sign as Black Butler meme 11...
an anime scene with text that reads, oh bassy did you miss me?
Fangirl Problems
an anime character with red hair and green eyes holding a knife in front of another character
Young Grell by 199592 on DeviantArt
Black Butler Quotes, Black Butler Ciel
Ciel Crying by Calling-All-Angelz on DeviantArt
an anime character with black hair and blue eyes holding his hands up to his chest
Your Yandere Nightmare(Yandere x Reader) - This is my class?!
Anime Bebe
Demon Ciel Demotivational xD by ThisPerfectNonsense on DeviantArt
two anime characters with their eyes closed and one has the same expression as they are looking at
Phantomhive Twins, Online Wallpaper, Comfort Place
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two anime characters with pink eyes and one has the caption love means money these days
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an anime character holding his hand up in front of him with the caption humans lie without a second thought