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How To Decorate for Christmas With Only a Trip to the Grocery Store

Sure, there's the requisite nativity scene, the ornaments that have been passed down from your great-grandparents, and the Griswold family inspired display of twinkling lights outside

New to minouette on Etsy: Shoot - Vintage Canon FTb Camera Linocut - Classic SLR Film Camera Lino Block Print Canon Ftb (32.00 USD)

This original lino block print, Shoot - Canon FTb shows a classic old 1973 Canon FTb SLR and its reflection. It is printed in black ink on parchment

The key to creating DIY gifts that people will cherish and actually keep beyond the new year is to personalize them to your friends' personalities.

"Decorating for the holidays" often feels like an expensive and time-consuming undertaking, but there's another way to do Christmas: embracing the Danish concept of hygge (simple, cozy and comforting). Often nature-inspired and monochrome in look, check o