Baby Canada geese leave the nest for the first time.

First Flight! Actually, it is first jump. Baby ducks (or any baby bird, for that matter) cannot fly. But birds stay in the nest til they can fly, ducks drop down into the water or ground and go from there.

Warsaw, Poland, 1946

Photography by Michael Nash, in Warsaw, Poland. - Photography by Michael Nash, in Warsaw,.

antique colour pix of circus women

Rare Color Photos of Circus Showgirls of the ’40s and ’50s

Omo girl in Ethiopia  ---------------------   (article where it was found not really about the image at all)

These Photos Tackle An Uncomfortable Question: What If There Are Just Too Many People On Earth?

Population control is taboo. But it wasn’t always that way–and a new book, showing images ranging from a mall on Black Friday to a shepherd in Mongolia, could open up the conversation.

80 Photos of Old New York (1970-1989) | SUPERCHIEF i need to change the title of this board to interesting and compelling pix

1977 NYC Blackout, Bushwick, Brooklyn, large crowd on Broadway walking-No Trains! Steven C: I remember this blackout. We used candles and ended up searing the underside of a shelf with my toys on it. There was looting.

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Update: 'Found,' Unpublished Photographs From National Geographic

'A young Kenyan woman holds her pet deer, Mombasa, Zanzibar, Kenya, Africa.' (Underwood & Underwood/The National Geographic/Christie’s Images)

nice portrait

Is it my eyes or is the metal bar on his necklace embedded? Maori: Tatooing is an important part of the culture for the Maori tribes people of New Zealand.

pinned from a page called - Sly Shooters: NYC Street Photography 101  only problem with this page is that it has only 1 pic from each photographer and doesnt link to any of their stuff

Sly Shooters: NYC Street Photography 101

A possum and a movie camera 1943 A pet ring tailed possum examines department of information movie camera somewhere in north Australia and assumes the operators’ stance.

great photo!

photographer’s shot of sea wolf named one of National Geographic’s favourites of 2015

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German soldier lighting his cigarette with a flamethrower somewhere on the eastern front. Example of technology with the flamethrower in How ironic this picture is of how this device which is used to clear bunkers, is being used to light a cigarette

gorgeous pic and gorgeous horse

I want to ride a horse really really fast & pretend I'm being chased by the bad guys!

Food sovereignty vs gold mining - power to the people!  Gorgeous photo! credit:Sebastian Florian

Food sovereignty vs gold mining - power to the people!