Tropical beauty - would make a nice outdoor workspace besides for relaxation

Dedon abre resort em ilha no Pacífico

Dedon Island, Siargao, Philippines I wanna live in a spot like this

nice outdoor space for the biz

DIY Home Projects

flip up deck seats . so clever and innovative. outdoor patio movie theater screen, economical & creative use of space on a wood deck with sunken outdoor dining table and lounge spot.

Plug organizer needed for all the equipment

Why reach all the way to the floor when you need to pick up a power cord plug? Reach 10 inches less when you use the outlet plug holder. The outlet plug holder attaches right below your wall outlet an.

office space

Aerin Lauder's Aspen home: Library, books, light & views. A cozy place to think & read.


FvF x Montblanc: Artist Richard Phillips in New York

These lockers would be great for the open office space since there are no fixed locations.

(Seen this in a friends house) Dishfunctional Designs: Salvaged & Repurposed: Vintage Lockers

office- bookshelf walls

bookcase room divider_Geo Metria by Mount Fuji Architects Studio, Kanagawa, Japan

wow. // Storage on wheels--Nico Sevenhuysen in Amsterdam.

Storage on wheels--Nico Sevenhuysen in Amsterdam. This would be awesome or paper storage in my studio!

Drawer Cabinet Mint

mint drawer cabinet by daily general

good storage for either cafes kitchen or for studio or how about both

Interior Photograph of old faithful shop replace your stuff with good quality stuff

.this style would be great for the atelier along the canal :-)

Industrial gorgeous space Bathroom Walls Classy night living room decor architecture interior living room interior design room ideas home id.

office space ideas but minus the letter A on the wall...instead the wall for hanging inspiring art stuff...maybe cork on the wall?

office space ideas but minus the letter A on the wall.instead the wall for hanging inspiring art stuff.maybe cork on the wall?



Perhaps signaled by its name "Recall House," this expansive loft in Taiwan has been "peeled back" to reveal its industrial origins. Local interiors firm HAO Design, who previously gave a jet.

always a nice reminder when implementing your plans and dreams :-) [ quote Churchill ]

Success, failure and courage

.i would like to see something like this as an outdoor space to the office

bohemian - Some of my favorite colors!

another one [quote Churchill]

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity. An optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. (Quote from Sir Winston Churchill)