Lunar New Year

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cupcakes with white frosting and faces on them sitting in a bamboo tray
tea and honey cupcake, best easy bao dumpling recipe, Chinese New Year
an assortment of nuts, raisins and other foods
How to Make a Tray of Togetherness
How to Make a Tray of Togetherness | Chinese American Family
almond cookies are arranged on a metal tray next to some nuts and a red napkin
Chinese Almond Cookies
a basket filled with noodles next to chinese coins and other items on top of a wooden table
Vietnamese Candied Coconut Ribbons (Mứt Dừa)
two homemade festive treats that make fabulous chinese new year gifts
23 Homemade Festive Treats That Make Fabulous Chinese New Year Gifts
a metal bowl filled with assorted cookies and treats
Lunar New Year Cookie Box - Constellation Inspiration
Lunar New Year Cookie Box
an image of two paper plates with bunny ears on them, one is made out of yarn
Preschool Crafts | Preschool Playbook
I am thinking of so many different uses for these. First one I thought of was Dr Jean's Gummy Bear song. I'll keep thinking.
several cards with pink flowers on them are being made by someone's hand and placed on the floor
Lunar New Year Crafts for Kids — PoohsDen
Peach and Spring Blossom Flower Card for Chinese New Year - Lunar New Year toddler craft, preschooler craft from Poohsden
red and gold glitter next to a piece of broccoli on a wooden table
Make Lucky Chinese Playdough!
"lucky Chinese play dough" for Chinese new year! red with gold glitter. love it!!
two strawberry shortcakes with white frosting and strawberries on the top one
Snake Shaped Food, Fun Design Ideas for Lunar New Year Celebration
creative food | Snake shaped strawberry desert, creative Chinese New Year party ideas
two dinosaur shaped toilet paper rolls sitting on top of a piece of cloth covered in pink and green tape
China Theme Day
Paper Chain Dragons for Chinese New Year.