Queen Marie of Romania (1875-1938)

Queen Marie of Romania And can you believe it was her mother-in-law who was the family drama queen?

Queen Marie of Romania.  Born Princess of Great Britain, and Queen Victoria's granddaughter, she might have been queen of England.  Her first cousin, later George V, proposed to her and was accepted.  However, though the match was approved by the fathers, neither mother liked it, and it was broken off.  She would have been quite a different queen from Queen Mary!

Queen Marie of Romania (Princess Marie of Edinburgh daughter of Queen Victoria's son Alfred and Alexander II's only daughter Marie)

1896 Marie of Romania's gown worn to Nicholas II's coronation.

heavyarethecrowns: “Queen Marie of Romania’s gown to Nicholas II of Russia’s coronation ceremony 1896 Edinburgh Sisters Spam Princess Marie of Edinburgh later Queen Marie of Romania ( 29 October

Queen Marie of #Romania was one of the most visionary ambassadors of the #RomanianBlouse and its symbolistic and cultural values #LaBlouseRoumaine

Königin Marie von Rumänien, Queen of Romania in older age

Marie came to Romania as a 17 year old royal bride and immediately adopted the…

Marie of Edinburgh (later Marie, Queen of Romania) acquiring the Romanian identity, in her peasant costume, given as wedding gift.

Queen Marie of Romania first crowned head to follow the Baha'i Faith.

Princess Marie of Edinburgh, more commonly known as Marie of Romania (Marie Alexandra Victoria; 29 October 1875 – 18 July was the last Queen consort of Romania as the wife of King Ferdinand I. and grandchild of Queen Victoria

Marie of Romania.

Queen Marie of Romania Gallery / Marie Kronprinzessin v.

Queen Marie of Romania Gallery / Queen Marie Swimming at Balcic Photograph