New SunRise kendama. We have only 18 re-release pieces of this kendama so you better be fast.

If my bank account allowed for it, I might drop the 200 clams for one of these.

Faded Blue & Black Full Cracked Kendama And Extra String

Butterfly Kendama for PLAY! A Superfantastic Group Show Curated by Julie West Opens Saturday May at Dragatomi in Sacramento, CA

Kaomojin Kendama

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Focus aTack Fade Complete – Coral Red/Sky Blue/Indigo w/ Indigo Ken

Kaizen Half Split - Natty Ghost Silk and White - Silk

These player favorites are now available in fresh color ways, and are strung on our popular Kaizen kens. These half splits are coated with our silk matte paint

繽紛色彩,點亮你的劍玉生活! 作者:Bryan Hansen 作法:噴漆︱ 鮮やかな色で、あなたのけん玉生活を照らします。 作者:Bryan Hansen 作法:吹きつけ塗装︱ Colorful, light up your kendama life! Artist:Bryan Hansen Method:Painting

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以劍玉為畫布,刻畫出不一樣的境界! 作者:Masako Hosoi 作法:電燒︱ けん玉をカンバスにして、異なった境地を開拓します! 作者:ほそいまさこ(Masako Hosoi) 作法:はんだごて手焼き︱ Use kendama as a canvas, depicts a different realm! Artist:Masako Hosoi (ほそいまさこ) Method:Internal Heating Electric Solder