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Dacian Gold helmet from Cucuteni, Dacia, BC, 70 pieces of gold weighting kg. National Museum of Romanian History, Bucharest. Elmo, European Tribes, Ancient Armor, Central And Eastern Europe, Gold Ornaments, National Museum, National History, Ancient Artifacts, Before Us

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The Dacians and Getae were part of the big Thracian family that lived in South-Eastern Europe over 2000 years ago. The Dacians and the Getae from North of Danube river were united by Burebista in 8…

cucuteni trypillian culture Romania oldest civilizations eastern europe Early Middle Ages, Minoan, Art Sculpture, Historical Art, Ancient Artifacts, Bronze Age, Eastern Europe, Ceramic Art, Ceramic Cups

cucuteni trypillian culture Romania oldest civilizations eastern europe

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Decoding Dacia producer gives exclusive insight into the ancient inhabitants of Romania - Romania Insider Ancient Rome, Ancient History, European Tribes, Romania Map, Caucasian Race, Trajan's Column, Pompeii Italy, History Page, Places In Europe

Dacian Society

Trajan Column XVII (25) 62 detail- Decebalus conducting the first battle from his vantage point. Among the most impressive scenes of the battle is the “Carrying of the injured Dacian youth”. The group around the wounded youth seems to be a product of Hellenistic pattern books. Such groups occur often on sarcophagi. The composition is in a pyramid form, with Decebalus being at the top of the pyramid.

Head of a Dacian prisoner: the Imperial Fora in Rome exhibition at the Italian Academy. The expression of the existential paradox, feeling acceptance and despair at the same time. Ancient Rome, Ancient Art, Ancient History, Art History, Rome Exhibition, European Tribes, Romanian People, Classical Mythology, Roman Art

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Columbia, News, Press Release, From Feb. 9 through Feb. 28, the Italian Academy for Advanced Studies in America at Columbia will host an exhibition of 20 recently discovered sculptures and other ancient objects from the Imperial Fora in Rome. These works and fragments will be shown for the first time to the public.

Dacian Gold Bracelet C. Royal Tomb in Cucuteni ancient Romania. - Dacian Gold Bracelet C. Royal Tomb in Cucuteni ancient Romania. Dacians, an individualize - Viking Jewelry, Ancient Jewelry, Antique Jewelry, Gold Jewelry, Jewelery, Historical Artifacts, Ancient Artifacts, European Tribes, Objets Antiques

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Dacian gold bracelet from Baiceni dated to the 4th century BC (Iași County