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Manabu Ikeda

Manabu Ikeda is an illustrator born in Taku City, Saga, Japan who currently resides in Madison, Wisconsin. With his acrylic pen, he creates enormous a

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Balsamic Pickled Eggs ~ Balsamic Pickled Eggs  1 cup balsamic vinegar  1/2 cup water  2 Tablespoons white sugar  2 Tablespoons black pepper  2 Tablespoons whole coriander  Toast coriander in dry pan until aromatic. Crush coriander in mortar and pestle. Add everything in a small pot and simmer together 5 minutes. Pour into mason jar over hard boiled peeled eggs (approximately 8).

So my first attempt at balsamic pickled eggs was not quite what I was looking for. I wanted the flavors to be balsamic, black pepper, and co.