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Tuck and Cover Great Gatsby style
How to Remember What you Wrote Down in Lecture | Study-Hack
It's not funny, but I wanted this on my most popular board. I tend to be skeptical of things like this but I think this is legit.
If you're ever feeling sleepy, hold your breath as long as you can, and then breath out slowly. It increases your heart rate.
Students, you're welcome :)
" is a website that make it sound like it's raining outside." Living in Seattle I shouldn't need this but often it doesn't really rain hard enough to hear through the roof.
This is how we get up to school for now on. :D
That is such an awesome idea!
Not sure if this is true.  I could always start stuffing my kids with chocolate to find out.
1000 Life Hacks // Putting it here because it would be very helpful as I am really not good at math