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If I had a dragon, I'd name her Desdemona, and she would have midnight blue eyes and a keen sense of beauty. She would also be totally awesome because SHE'D BE A DRAGON !

"Sirius, please tell me you did not purchase a dragon egg." "Marl, I did not purchase a dragon egg." Luckily, the egg found a happier owner later that week.

sebastianmorgensternz:  Hogwarts House Aesthetic:... - Harry Potter Aesthetics

sebastianmorgensternz: “ Hogwarts House Aesthetic: Slytherin “You could be great, you know, and Slytherin will help you on the way to greatness, no doubt about that.

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brokensonic: “↳ hp aesthetics: Slytherin House “”Or perhaps in Slytherin, You’ll make your real friends, Those cunning folk use any means, To achieve their ends.