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The new "Harry Potter" covers are here! And 11 yr. old harry looks no different than 17 yr. old harry! Lol

Harry looks a bit like a girl/bishounen on some of these lol The new "Harry Potter" covers are here! I like these but I like the new scholastic covers as well, and how e spines make a picture as well!

dramione. <3 - Draco Malfoy & Hermione Granger Photo (32884029 ...

Being Head Boy and Head Girl, both Draco and Hermione confinded in each other. When Hogwarts commemorated and remembered the fallen ones during the last battle, Hermione couldn't help but cry on Draco's shoulder.

Tell me this isn't adorable in a Dramione context.

Yes okay i agree it's sweet. Yes draco loves hermione but she doesn't love him back. She is with ron. So honestly im neutral with the ship

Dramione♡ - dramione Fan Art

remusjohnslupin: “make me choose ↳ anonymous asked: ron/hermione or draco/hermione”