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or it could just be that billions of germs get released...

A guide to deduction Suggested Anonymously.

Submitted by: erinegodea

A Guide To Deduction If a person has unnaturally perfect nails that are not painted, they likely work at a nail salon.

Which is why one should practice first.....not that I would know anything about that

- A Guide To Deduction. Or it's only bc we know better>>>or they have spent a great amount of time staring at a computer screen

I'm such a liar so to some people this is to tell if someone else is lying, but to me it's a tip on how to lie better.

A Guide To Deduction - like when Sherlock says the person owning a watch was a drunk in the first movie

my personal theory= the light blue human died in the ruins, and tori spread their dust on their toys and some random monster that killed them stole their soul

I noticed this, but I really hoped it wasn't what I thought.<<<< still really hoping. Please let it just be regular old dust!

I used to hate Muffet because she annoyed me, but not anymore... NOW I'M CRYING

you get no gold is because she's broke. That's why she charges so much, she's failing in her business and still trying to support her family.<--- Hey, wanna stop crushing my soul like a grape?