Fluorite = a truly beautiful 'gem' of Mother Nature ( in more ways than one !

Rainbow Aura Quartz

Aura Quartz is a natural crystal that has been coated with gold fumes. It is created in a vacuum chamber from quartz crystals & gold vapor by a process known as vapor deposition.

Erythrite [Co3(AsO4)2  8(H2O)]. Secondary mineral in cobalt-bearing deposits.  Morocco

mineralists: “These are very large crystals of deep violet colored Erythrite. The crystals are set on Quartz matrix with disseminated Skutterudite coloring much of it gray.

Cactus Amethyst - South Africa

Quartz variety Amethyst / Boekenhoutshoek area, South Africa-i have several of these "tribes of light" specimens & LOVE them.


Ludlamite from San Antonio Mine, Santa Eulalia District, Chihuahua, Mexico