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Naruto memes

Read 😅 from the story Naruto Pictures And Memes by with 595 reads. "Lol Bitch Please" that got me crying

Naruto, Minato, Kushina.

Poor Minato he meats his son for the time gets punched Kushina meats and gets a hugged lol

How Hinata is like Kushina and why she deserves to be with Naruto. #naruhina

Hahahah thats one thing. but why after they had a 'canon' scene sakura pops up and naruto like still shows his love to her and complety ignores hinata.

Minato and Kushina from Naruto. Unexpectedly Complimentary by SchiraYuki And hinata just like minato

Minato and Kushina from Naruto. i think minato is trying to infer that he would prefer naruto to like hinata. you beter be listening, naruto