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A custom DIY book light would be an incredible gift for any book-obsessed person. The light turns off when you close the book, and it gives off different levels of light depending on how widely you open the book.

How To Make a Reading Lamp from a Hardcover Book by Steve Hoefer (Inventor, CA) & Grathio Labs. It turns off when closed & gives off a variable amount of light depending on how far you open it, up to about a light equivalent.

Lolol BAHahahaha!!!! If I looked coffee this would be a YES!!!!!!!!!!

Free and Funny Drinking Ecard: Grant me wine to accept the things I cannot change, coffee to change the things I can, and an opaque mug. so my coworkers can't tell the difference.

the arms of a dream

"Good night - my love hard to believe you can actually dream while you are awake. It is true. I found myself in a beautiful dream and had the tears of happiness to prove it, today. I love you. Sleep well, sweetest dreams, my love.