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Serpentine Repurposed Industrial Floor Lamp with Salvaged Wood Base

Serpentine Repurposed Industrial Floor Lamp by NorthlakeElements for sale on Etsy. This is one of the prettiest pipe lamps I have seen!

Panzeri | XG2041 Trim Profile

I like the color palette as well as the use of the shadows and light, which create interesting dimension and eye movement

Camper On Hydraulics Is Cooler Than Any Treehouse | Co.Design | business + design

Ordinary cars become Ferraris with cardboard camouflage, campers stretch high into the sky and disused telephone booths transform into glowing sidewalk aquariums in fun urban art installations by a…

Steam locomotive on fire

It pisses me off when people post awesome pics like this with absolutely no context. Now doesn't it drive you crazy to NOT KNOW why this frickin locomotive is steaming down the track on fire? It sure drives ME crazy.