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the outside of a restaurant with tables and chairs on cobblestone street in front of it
a bridge over a river next to tall buildings
Die besten Fotospots in Thüringen
an old cobblestone street with buildings and cars parked in the alleyways
Ein Tag in Erfurt: 8 Dinge, die man in Erfurt unbedingt gemacht haben sollte
a city with lots of tall buildings covered in snow
Thüringen: Erfurt - Miss Porridge
an aerial view of a city with lots of red buildings and trees in the background
an old cobblestone street with red and white buildings on both sides in europe
Erfurt von A bis Z
the buildings are next to each other on the river bank and under a bridge with a clock tower
Urlaub in Thüringen: Schöne Orte und unsere Tipps
a river running through a snow covered park next to tall buildings and trees with no leaves on them
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an arch with cobblestones leading into the sky
a river running through a lush green forest next to tall buildings on either side of it