Ie Traditionala Romaneasca Maneca Lunga Motivul LUMINA

IA, La blouse romaine, the Romanian traditional blouse

"Sanzaiene", the Romanian priestesses of Sun, are celebrated today, July 7th. One of those traditions that we still keep..

slavic-roots: Ukrainian girl making a wreath out of flowers. Traditionally in Slavic nations flower wreaths were worn by maidens and unmarried women.

by Tom Ford

Free People All Roads Embroidery Double V Tunic at Free People Clothing Boutique

New Embroidered loose flowy long sleeve dress. Leather cross shoulder Bag. Leather sandals.

Bohéme - Fashion bohemian style - Boho Style - bohemian gypsy hippie fashion - simple and cute boho embroidered dress

traditional Romanian blouse

Dressing up your kids can be a challenging task.Some kids simply wear whatever dress you put on them, while few will out rightly reject being against there choice.Some kids are shy and reserve and others love to get funky.

Romanian Blouse

Embroidered & Tasseled Calypso Tunic from Anthropologie. Blue-on-ivory, peasant blouse styled top.

Traditional Romanian dress in modern style

Tatiana Marinescu - A modern take on traditional romanian wear. If you see a Romanian woman walking down the street, get ready to be impressed!

Jean Paul Gautier & Yves Saint Laurent's interpretation on traditional Romanian blouse

Romania in vogue: The ongoing love affair between high fashion and .

Tom Ford - Romanian Blouse

Adele Adkins is the gorgeous girl photographed by Mert & Marcus for the cover shoot of the fashion magazine Vogue US for the March 2012 issue.