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Scandi Bedroom in grey, gold and pink, and large knit blanket

Calling it now: Super-chunky knit blankets are going to be everywhere pretty soon. You could buy one of these beautiful, extra-snug throws for your home on Etsy for hundreds of dollars — or, even better, you could make one yourself.

TRUE TF Union Signs 11)Twin Flames Clear Family Templates of Energetic Dysfunction Twin Flames prior to meeting and as part of their mission, take on the templating of dysfunctional energetic templating of the Genealogy they incarnate into. They are able to cleanse and release much of this templating, giving the opportunity of many souls in their family soul group the privilege of not having to do so. Continues...

JG: Corresponds with stage 6 of the Great Round of Mandala Dragon Fight / Igniting the Inner Fire Yin Yang Mandala by Moira Gil