The masks of Vincent Cantillon

Halloween Costume Inspiration: The masks of Vincent Cantillon (Denver, Colorado).

The art of Venetian mask making

They used recycled music sheets and paper mache all around the mask to mould it to the shape of the head. This one is in all white and has a music theme which is an inspiration to one of the projects that I did which was Moulin Rouge.

Venetian mask

Ornate decorative Venetian mask surrounded by a peacock! A definite want for beautiful I could look at it for ever

Venetian Mask

Venetian Mask - Possible cut out a plastic mask, glue on lace and paint it gold - Hmmmm.

Bast - Egyptian Cat Goddess Leather Mask in Jet Black - Masquerade Mask, Cat Mask, Festival Mask, Mardi Gras Mask, New Years Eve Mask

This stunning leather cat mask is currently available in either the sleek, elegant black you see here or in rich cobalt blue.