Aligron Sparkle

Aligron Sparkle

Just a Dragon Pony and the Prince of the Universe.
Aligron Sparkle
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Cambios! Open Species by Jackiethenoob on DeviantArt

Open Species by Jackiethenoob on DeviantArt

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Synaxids! Open Species by skelefrog on DeviantArt

Lifted a few restrictions; -you may have as many common or uncommon features as you want now -no restrictions on how many you want or want to make others! -showing me the design is no longer necess.

If you need a listener, well I am here. But, just so you know, One thing for sure, I cannot .

Flowey for President by on @DeviantArt

My sis pointed this out a little while ago XD but seriously, if you hate the dude and love undertale, please repost. Flowey for President

Regeneration 13 Part 1 by on @DeviantArt

my part from my regeneration Regeneration 13 Part 1