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this rude lady is back once again giving horrible criticism to nail designs just because people like to do different things than just paint their nails black and white...i see no problem with this design fact i quite like it its got a nice coool summertime feel to it!

Ice cream is awesome, and it makes for awesome nail art too. As I mentioned it likely would be, today's manicure is inspired by one .

black and white nails

Tips to Choose Classy Nail Designs and Ideas for the Best Makeup : Classy Black Nail Designs For Beautiful Girl. classy nail art ideas,classy nail designs nail pics and photos

Newspaper print with flowers THE MOST POPULAR NAILS AND POLISH #nails #polish #Manicure #stylish

manicure - paint your base color ad give it plenty of time to dry then dip a peace of newspaper in to perfume, and lay it on your nail. Then press it on, lift the paper of gently and then let dry. Top coat once dry, then add detail