H O M E concrete moody living with lots of green plants love the pink velvet sofa

madabout-travel-design: “ Belch Tea Atelier, Brooklyn Housed into an old warehouse building in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, this poetic little store is a very special place where you can buy and taste.


Grab a unique container at an Estate Sale and bring it in and we'll fill it with abundant spring blooms

Air plants are popular in today’s houseplant-rich world precisely because they are so low-maintenance. Since they get what they need from air, water and light (rather than soil), you don’t…

Sicilian Interior

A little shelf for little plants.

Lovely way to display smaller unique plants - Bursting With Plants, a 1910 Portland Foursquare for a Florist and Barista

Eyes pasted white, skin translucent with veins, hands clawing out their eyes and skin, fingers with blood and dirt. The dragon-lord was a cruel and powerful sorcerer.

Michel Le Belhomme, from the series La Bête Aveugle (The Blind Beast), 2010

Inspired by "nature, our travels through the American landscape, and our love of the handmade," Los Angeles-based husband and wife Melissa Tolar and Jonathan Ballak hand-carve the designs on these planters and glaze each one themselves.

A Question of Eagles Carved Horizon Planters

Succulents and cactus plants are the hit trend for this year's outdoor decor. These fun little planters ("A Question of Eagles Carved Horizon Planters") from West Elm are the perfect size and add some color and texture to your outdoor entertains space.