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Alicia Flemings

San Francisco / Looking to expand my knowledge and experience in every way possible.
Alicia Flemings
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Cracked Heel Remedy solution * 2 cups hydrogen peroxide * 2 cups hot water (mix) * Soak feet for 30 minutes * use pumice stone or file on heel of foot * put on lotion and cover with socks

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No oil- Vegan Stuffed Peppers! Sweet Bell Peppers stuffed with a hearty and filling mixture of tomatoes, wild rice, beans, vegetables and corn. A healthy, gluten free + delicious meal!

#healthy #food #body #spaghetti #zucchini

Burst Tomato and Zucchini Spaghetti with Avocado Sauce - a healthy plant-based recipe that comes together in 30 minutes! Perfect as a meal on its own, or as a side for grilled chicken or fish. **for TSFL ONLY use zucchini noodles (not the wheat past)

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Does it really matter when and in what order you apply your skin care products? We asked the skin experts the same question we ask ourselves every time we buy a new skin care product or add another st (Korean Beauty Hacks)

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Cucumber Mint Sugar Scrub - So easy to make, and a great way to soften and revive dry, sluggish skin! Ingredients: cucumber, unpeeled (about 4 slices) cup white sugar 2 Tbsp coconut oil, softened drops peppermint essential oil

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Be naturally gorgeous with these Essential Oils for Skin & Beauty! Essential oils have been used for more than years as natural medicine and to improve the health of skin, hair and body. Essential oil uses include making DIY recipes.