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a man laying down in front of a painting
Genesis 1:27 - God Created Mankind In His Own Image-6. Surreal Mixed Media Collage Art By Ayham Jabr.
there is a sign that says everything is fine keep shopping
Madrid Street Ad Takeover: Another Vision For Public Space
anti consumerism ad ... Must feed the beast.
a black and white poster with the words you want it if you buy it, you forget it
For Sale
Barbara Kruger in the For Sale section of the New York Times. No, not really, this was on the Op Ed page right after Thanksgiving, "For Sale" is the title, I guess.
a cartoon drawing of a man with tools in front of a house that says, no exit
A Life of Travel: an end of the year reflection
The lighter you pack, the lighter you live.. the greater freedom and flexibility you have!
a hand holding a card that says i shop therefor i am on it in red and white
New York’s 1980s Art Scene Is the Subject of a Major Exhibition in Fort Worth
New York’s 1980s Art Scene Is the Subject of a Major Exhibition in Fort Worth – Vogue - Barbara Kruger, Untitled (I Shop therefore I Am), 1987
a sign on a pole that says the best things in life aren't things
Tweet / Twitter
a cartoon drawing of a man standing on top of a pile of junk and other items
Harsh Realities and Half Truths
Almost every weekend I spend time chilling in front of the TV with Restoration Man, Grand Designs, Escape to the Country or one of many variants on the same theme. Cameras and a host follow a coup…
there are two pictures with the same image on them, and one has a ship in it
Randomness Is Awesomeness
Randomness Is Awesomeness - Gallery