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Enjoying my olive oil and olive spread with a view of olive trees at Hotel Europa, Ancient Olympia

13 Greek Foods I'd Fly Back to Greece for in a Heartbeat

Frontier Plus ∙ A next-generation portable woodburning stove

Anevay is raising funds for Frontier Plus ∙ A next-generation portable woodburning stove on Kickstarter! A lightweight, folding stove with a flue for heating and cooking in tents, sheds, vans and the outdoors.

Mystagogy Resource Center is an International Orthodox Christian Ministry headed by John Sanidopoulos.

MYSTAGOGY: The Enemy Within(ego): An Interview with Archimandrite Dionysios (*the interviewer makes a few mistakes about orthodoxy at the start. very valuable interview)

I can remember the moment clearly.  My husband and I watched, slightly nervous, as our priest took our son from his godfather’s arms.  My firstborn began to howl immediately–a howl which was silenced as he was plunged into the water not just once, but three times.  Baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, …

Creating an Orthodox Home for Your Baby: Tips for Parents - Orthodox Motherhood