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Fullstop on Wall on Behance

type design & typography Fullstop on Wall by Mohamed Reda, via Behance. Awesome typography and type design

Incredible 3D Typography By Mohamed Reda

Futuristic and highly detailed typography from Mohamed Reda is really worthy of your attention. Mohamed is an art director in FullStop Advertising Agency, Saudi Arabia. For these awesome creations Mohamed have used Vray and Studio Max.

3D Machine on Behance

I did a remake of my old Printer project, for being featured in the issue of the Advanced Photoshop magazine, both on the cover and as a postproduction tutorial.

Some Of The Best UX And UI Tools And Resources That You Can Use

Here is a number of the top-rated UX and UI tools - great online resources that can prove useful in testing your IU design’s performance and usability.

Orange UI Kit

This is a massive roundup of beautiful, free UI kits from all over the Web. They can be used to design and mock-up web, app and software user interfaces. Before using a UI kit from this list, please do read its license/terms of use.