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Yall should try this!!!😱
a black cat wearing a hat with the caption je suis batman
a woman laying on top of a table with the caption waitress asks my daughter, what would you like?
14 Of The Most Outrageous Things That Kids Have Said
a woman sitting on the floor with her cell phone in her hand and texting i like wearing big sweaters not cause they're comfy
I like wearing big sweaters. Not cause they're all comfy & cuddly, but when the sleeves are really big I get to flop them around and smack people.
fried chicken on a plate with the caption i had my window open yet today
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a woman standing in front of a window with the words, the little boy next door just
The little boy next door just opened his window and yelled "WHAT IS 27 + 4?" and I yelled back "IT'S 31" and he said "THANK YOU GOD LADY"
someone is saying that they are not talking to each other
When someone I hate asks me why I'm so quiet around them. "Well, you can't plan a murder out loud."
a woman with her face covered in makeup and the words if i ever get rich one day, i will buy every single ticket to a justin bieber concert
If I ever get rich one day... I will buy every single ticket to a Justin Bieber concert, hire a bunch of teenage girl actresses, and when Justin comes out on stage, the girls will just be completely silent and act like they have no idea who he is.
the lights in my house were flickering and my dad said what's driving the lights? and i said it'm me im getting strong
The lights in my house were flickering and my dad said, "What's draining the lights?" And I said, "It's me, I'm getting stronger," then the lights went out. My dad is a bit scared of me now.