Romanian life

Thats scary Romanian Rural LIfe. Much of Romania is still unspoiled and uncommercialised and all the more beautiful and wonderful for that

Romanian Apple Pie Bars

You will find here various recipes mainly traditional Romanian and Mediterranean, but also from all around the world.

traditional leather shoe maker

A Day in the Countryside

romanian traditional costume

Traditional costumes of the world – art and color

Traditional Style of clothing for Romanian children. She is so precious and she probably does not even know she is preserving her cultural identity by wearing such intricate clothing.

Traditional costume, all handmade, piece by piece. Hundreds of hours of work. Soon this art is going to disappear. Romania

Romanian traditional folk costume - Explore the World with Travel Nerd Nici…

Coif aur Cucuteni baiceni dacia. 500-400 BC. Dacian gold, Romania

Getae-Dacian gold and silver – ancient history

Dacian Gold helmet from Cucuteni, Dacia, BC. 70 pieces of gold weighing kg. National Museum of Romanian History, Bucharest, Romania

Papanasi prajiti cu smantana si sos de visine | Pasiune pentru bucatarie recipe in Romanian, thank you Google translate!

Papanasi prajiti cu smantana si sos de visine Fried cheese dumplings with sour cream and cherry