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some anime characters with different expressions
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I was always the last panel.. i love Yato :3
an anime character is standing with his hands in his pockets and holding a tool belt
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Image result for yungun y 영감을 주는 캐릭터, Drawing Challenge, Fantasy Character Design, 만화 그림
Image result for yungun y
League of Legends - Project Zed League Of Legends Project, Zed Lol, Zed League Of Legends, Ninja Master, League Legends, Art Bin, League Of Legends Game, File Template, Man In Black
League of Legends - Project Zed - Pepakura.eu
League of Legends - Project Zed
an anime character holding two large swords
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ArtStation - Swordsman, YUNGUN Y
a drawing of a man holding a skateboard in his hands and wearing a bandana
angry hacker boy by day
an image of a man in armor holding two swords
FIEND: Classic assassin badass, Ninja, Needs defining feature besides badassery | Quiet : Soft-spoken. Covetous. motto : Try to make the punishment fit the crime.
Resistance Fighter, Fantasy Angel, Character Concept Art, Sci Fi Characters, Fantasy Concept Art, Armors
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