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Bucharest, Romania
Alex Marin
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A German soldier digs his way out of sand which buried him up to his neck after a shell landed in his immediate vicinity. He fell an easy prisoner to Allied troops in the section. Quinville, France. 9 June 1944

Sipsey Street Irregulars: "Black archaeologists" and their encounter with Russian & German Ghosts of World War II

American soldiers paid the supreme sacrifice to enter Rome. An Italian woman puts a floral wreath of roses over their bodies. Fifth Army, Rome area, Italy. 4 June 1944

World War II Photograph: American soldiers paid the supreme sacrifice to enter Rome. An Italian woman puts a floral wreath of roses over th.

"Victory" Squad from the 329th Infantry Regiment. Seven men who had their hair cut to spell the word "Victory". "V" Frank Brown, Linfield, Pennsylvania. "I" Roland Hall, Coal Center, Pennsylvania. "C" James Cobb, Bradford, Pennsylvania. "T" Frank Kaminski, Scranton, Pennsylvania. "O" Phillip Larson, Duluth, Minnesota, "R" Harry Lausch, Ephrata, Pennsylvania. "Y" Wiley Harmon, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 25 March 1944.

World War II Photograph: "Victory" Squad from the Infantry Regiment

Vintage Submarine Control Room from 1918

Vintage Submarine Control Room from 1918 Photograph via Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums Have you ever seen so many valves? I count at least You are looking at the control room of the German Submarine.

Blending Scenes from WWII into Present Day - Berlin (1945/2010)

Blending WWII Pictures Into Today Sergey Larenkov is a Russian-based artist/photographer put together a tremendous set of collages of historic World War II photographs merged with the same locations as they look today.

Historic Moments Blended Into Present Day Situations - Saint-Laurent-sur-Mec, Normandy, France 1944/2004

Seth Tara has shot an inspiring series for the History Channel entitled, “Know Where You Stand.” The set depicts modern people revisiting historic landmarks, with a black and white layer from the past."Know where you stand.

A liberated Jew holds a Nazi at gunpoint.

Liberated Jewish man holds NAZI soldier at gunpoint during WWII, unknown date. Look at the control. If I were the man holding the gun, I'da bLASTED that mofo in the guts. He is a better person than I .