Alexia Anghelescu

Alexia Anghelescu

Alexia Anghelescu
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((Open rp, any creature needed)) *as you walk through the forest to the meadow, you see me trotting along through a clearing, looking majestic and beautiful*

Horse - Tea Spirit / July / French Earl Grey by *MobilePants on deviantART - not sure if I agree with this representation but it's a cool concept and it reminds me of Jean-Luc Picard

Teacup Dragons

Updated the species sheet! All the Teacup species info is totally optional if it doesn't jive with the charac.

It's a feathery white Toothless<<<animal creature species design  drawing with wings that are white and blue like Toothless dragon

Commission for AzureKnight An original dragon character inspired by the Night Fury desing of "How to train your dragon" movie. It was fun draw. The Mythical Frost Feather

Lil cub spread your wings by *vidagr on deviantART

The tammer, also known as winged rabbit - a popular pet among the elves. IllustStudio, tablet ( speedpaint - about 40 min ) Lil cub spread your wings