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an empty city street is shown in the rain
The Cambridge Key - Ned Hayes
London in the Rain http://www.s50photo.com
an aerial view of a lake surrounded by mountains and trees in the foreground, with green grass on both sides
Most Beautiful Pictures Of Canada
✯ Waterton Lakes National Park, Canada - CompareTopTravel.com
two people sitting at a table with cups and saucers on it, one holding the other's hand
Patricia Gray | Interior Design Blog™
a ballerina is suspended in the air by a chandelier
Insane Underwater Movie Sets (10 photos)
In one of the most elaborate sets in the world, British film production company Pinewood Studio captures breathtaking shots in a tank filled with 1.2 million liters (317,000 gallons) of water. The underwater stage, which opened in 2005, has been used for a huge number of TV commercials, music videos and films, including The Bourne Ultimatum, Atonement, Elizabeth and Casino Royale.
a field with blue and red flowers in the foreground, an overcast sky above
an old stone building with ivy growing on it's sides and a bell tower in the background
Ruins of 'old castle macadam church' outside of Wicklow
two spiral shaped objects in the sky, one red and one blue with stars on it
NGC 5194. Over 60,000 light-years across, M51's spiral arms and dust lanes clearly sweep in front of its companion galaxy (top), NGC 5195. Image data has been reprocessed to produce this alternative portrait of the well-known interacting galaxy pair. The processing has further sharpened details and enhanced color and contrast in otherwise faint areas, bringing out dust lanes and extended streams that cross the small companion, along with features in the surroundings and core of M51 itself.