I like this for our yoga.tai chi. Meditation room. But id use a small tree and have a roll away screen for projector .Japanese kakejiku (hanging scroll) in the tokonoma area of a traditional Japanese home.

Japanese Tea house Tokonoma 床の間 - Hanging scroll calligraphy (wa-kei-sei-jaku) : harmony-respect-purity-tranquility which are fundamental of The Way of Tea

Amphidromous rectangle - tatami room

jun murata: amphidromous rectangle

Amphidromous Rectangle : CSM 402 Renovation is a minimalist interior designed by Jun Murata. The site is situated near Osaka City’s transpor.

Mix and Chic: Cool designer alert- Barry Dixon!

Cool designer alert- Barry Dixon!


Tokonoma, a spiritual center of the home. Via Daiku Woodworking.

The Noma Shelf is a statement on habitual consumption, reminding us of the things we already own, while accommodating the new. Based on the traditional Japanese tokonoma, the shelf is sized for displaying small artistic objects. However, if you slide the shelf away from the wall, a stretchy lycra pouch is revealed for storing cherished items and trinkets.

Norma Shelf is a minimalist design created by England-based designer Zak Stratfold. 'Noma Shelf’ acknowledges our habitual consumption, both.

I love how the bouquet and orchid echo the one on the wall screen...the chest and baskets are wonderful

East Meets West: Hawaiian Home

I love how the bouquet and orchid echo the one on the wall screen.the chest and baskets are wonderful and I love the gold screen with the red rug.

Tokonoma - BonsaiCursus.com

Tokonoma - BonsaiCursus.com

#Tokonoma room #tatamimats  The Tokonoma is normally in the tatami room (Guest room) and its size can be different size according to available space in the house.  Today, the Tokonoma is the size of two tatami mats and it is slightly elevated above the tatami floor.   Originally it is believed that the Tokonoma served as the location for bed time because it was built just big enough for bedding.

What is a Tokonoma and its origin? Tokonoma means "Alcove". The spiritual center of the traditional Japanese house is the Tokonoma.