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Pendergast's Royal Gold, Small Batch Bourbon

In the image above, the typography used is a display font. The words being used blend into the design of the image to add a graphic design effect. The words are bolding out enough for them to be legible. -modern take on historical style-

Nicholas Misani Design

Read Online The Romanovs: The Romanovs: by Simon Sebag Montefiore Simon Sebag Montefiore Book: The Romanovs: Simon Sebag Montefiore Books The Romanovs:

2001-design-Alex-Trochut-1.jpg (720×1149)

2001 a Space Odyssey. The lettering in the cover expresses the idea of a timeless enigma where we need to work with the pieces left of this puzzle, forcing the viewer to turn around the cover 90 degrees in order to read it.