Bob Seger - Old Time Rock N' Roll -

A great way to learn more about the piano is to take the panels or music desk off. This is a great idea for students as well. It helps someone learning to play understand what happens in-between a note being hit and the melody singing out.

i love violin it makes such a relaxing sound.

Violin and Sheet Music light switch plate wall art living room bedroom home decor gift made in the USA

gypsy children playing violin in street, budapest, hungary, 1939  photo by william vandivert

I wonder if these kids are still around in 2014 and do they still play. Gypsy Children Playing Violin in Street from LIFE magazine. Gypsy children playing violin in street. Location: Budapest, Hungary Date Photographer: William Vandivert Link: LIFE

Print pictures on old book pages. Looks amazing, how did I not think of this before

Print pictures on old book pages. Looks amazing. You could use a book that has special meaning with the picture or maybe sheet music. Perhaps you would like your wedding picture placed on your favorite song from your wedding. Would make a great gift too.