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Can't repeat the past? Why of course you can!

Zippo and cigars - my father and grandfathers all smoked Cuban cigars almost every day and they all had Zippo lighters

If you smoke, you need a Zippo. If you don’t have a Zippo use matches. There is nothing more lame than using a Bic lighter to light up your smokes.

....hmm, not sure I've been there before!

21 Honest Quotes About Being a Real Man – While being a man might seem easy, being a real man takes a lot more effort. Here are 21 quotes that can teach you how to be a real man.

Gentleman style

Words are cheap, show her you live a godly life by pursuing him before anything else. Women respect and trust men whose actions back up their beliefs. Words mean nothing anymore. Actions speak louder than words. We ALL should live by this.