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American poster, 1942: "Let's go get 'em! U.S. Marines"

US World War II recruiting poster shows marines bearing rifles with bayonets in a jungle: 'Let's go get 'em! Marines,' c.

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Patriotic Heineken Beer Poster from World War text at the poster top reads “Screw Battle! We’re Gettin’ Drunk”, the fantastic painting by Frederic Stanley shows soldiers passing wooden Heineken Beer crates as artillery pieces fire in the background.

The way we fight, you shall work for victory!  The poster is not one of the usual photo images, the image was drawn by a soldier on the front, the one shown was supposed to be him. The original artist of the image was killed in action while in retreat. The artist was drafted into the war and when he was killed, a German officer found his sketch and had it sent back to Berlin to become propaganda.

It's not my image, but its a copy of a real German WWII Propaganda poster, it translates as: The way we fight, you shall work for victory!

WW2 recruiting poster for Marines

Always on the alert. At sea. In the air. Recruiting poster published by the United States Office of War Information, - German Empire Picture postcards

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