roll a story, roll an emotion (for reading fluency), roll a partner, and lots of other dice-related activities

Roll-a-Dice Literacy Fun

Roll-A-Story Freebie! Check out this clever literacy dice game from Kristin Jordan at Reading Writing Thinking Sharing. I think the kids would love to do this for shared writing!

Transition Words...great to run off and put in writers' notebooks!

Transition words for narrative writing are different than those used for expository writing. I would do a mini lesson on narrative transition words, and I would have students keep this in their writing folders as a reference source.

Morning Meeting Ideas-Great way to expand sharing from students. Others can comment based on what they share.

Another writing prompt could write the prompts on blank envelope return labels, stick them to the popsicle sticks, and place a small jar in the middle of groups of desks! Could have a whole bunch of prompts, at the ready, for ssw